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Federal public defenders warn of budget crisis
“That only works if we get money to replace the money we're spending.” He added: “This is not a defense-versus-prosecutors thing, or judges-verses-defense thing. The system doesn't work if any one of the legs of the stool is not able to hold things up.
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Baseball Wives star Anna Benson arrested after raiding Kris Benson's home
TMZ reports that Kris Benson appeased his baton-wielding wife by saying he was leaving to get money, while he called police instead. Anna Benson, a former model and exotic dancer, starred on VH1's Baseball Wives in 2011 and 2012. She was called …
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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd with Yirrkala indigenous leaders for the 50th
''We want to develop our country, and we want to get money out of our own soil,'' he said. When it was his turn to speak, Mr Rudd departed from his notes to respond to Mr Yunupingu's call, saying he wanted to engage with elders on ''how you can make …
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How to Launch a Hardware Startup, Part 1
Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo make it possible to avoid the chicken-and-egg situation of needing money to prove the market but not being able to get money without a proven concept. With a great YouTube video, a working …
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Obama plans road trip to push immigration

Obama plans road trip to push immigration
President Barack Obama is heading out on the road to promote the Senate's immigration rewrite bill, amid increasingly effective opposition from the Republican base. “Obama likely will travel in the coming months to some of the battleground states he …
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Cops: Couple thwart 'gang banger's' scam after finding help note
The suspect told the victim to go to the nearest ATM, get money and drive to a nearby Publix grocery store. According to the victim, the suspect said he wanted $ 600 in cash, and they would release her husband. Authorities say once the victim was at the …
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Wasted college students show deplorable, hilarious ignorance of American
Welcome back from the long holiday weekend, Daily Caller readers. As you settle into the rest of the summer, take a moment to laugh at these young, almost certainly drunk and possibly stoned American college kids who know nothing about the origins of …
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