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'Five-star' refugee camp illustrates Gulf's growing role in Syria
“Their needs are met here so they don't have to do crime to get money,” says Mr al Kaabi. Refugees have few complaints about the basic amenities, although some complain about the responsiveness of the staff. Moawa Deri, a former electrical engineer …
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Seminars update police on terrorism
Fundraising: Without funds, terrorists can't act, so they tend to get money through credit card scams or other fraudulent schemes. Gathering supplies: Once funding is secured, terrorists purchase chemicals or weapons — uniforms and IDs are the next …
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Armory apparitions
The Coast Ghost women aren't trying to get money from anyone and ghost hunt as a hobby, Boone said. They have shown a genuine curiosity about the unknown, he added. “I've always had an interest in how people are fooled and how they fool themselves,” …
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